Eye Tests


Eye Examinations That Are Thorough & Personal To You

By allowing 40 minutes per appointment we have the time to ensure that your examination is thorough and personal to you. It also gives us the opportunity to explain our findings and enables us to address any questions that you may have regarding your eyes.

As well as providing a prescription for glasses all our examinations will also include a detailed assessment of your eye health. We are committed to investing in technology and equipment to enable us to do this. We offer imaging and OCT scans of the retina (the back of your eye) to help us detect and monitor changes in your eye health.

An OCT scan allows us to see beneath the surface of the retina. It is exceptional at confirming that your eyes are healthy. When repeated regularly, we can spot subtle changes to the retina including your optic nerve and macular which helps in preventing visual loss.

We also offer Humphry’s visual fields test. A visual field test maps out what your world looks like to you. It measures the area of vision, or how wide of an area your eye can see. The test can be used for screening, monitoring and assisting in the diagnosis of certain conditions. The equipment that we have is the gold standard and is used by the local hospital eye service.


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